Miraj Group

Starting with a simple beginning in year 1987, today MIRAJ Group has created its presence in various sectors. As years passed MIRAJ established itself as a big business empire with a consolidation of various sectors. ... read more

Founder Message

“If there is passion in heart, nothing is impossible”

We are here to achieve excellence in business and excellence only comes through continuous practice thereby leading to the highest standards. I want the group to be regarded as one of the best managed and society oriented group. I and my team members are continuously striving and taking all possible steps to achieve every desired goal of our stakeholders, be it our customers, dealers, bankers and above all the great nation of ours, “India”.

I struggled a lot for my aim and had to face many hurdles such as inadequate capital and material, inadequate infrastructure. In my life I got to meet less of reliable people and more of intelligent people. But I firmly kept by belief in the motto that “nothing bad can happen with you, if you are good with others without any motive.

Mr. Madan Paliwal

(Founder Miraj Group)

Growing our Network

You will find Miraj Group hard at work, driving change everyday, in more than 5 state we are continuously growing our network to provide you the best services near you.

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