Miraj Engineering

Miraj Engineering Ltd.

Miraj Group started Miraj Engineering Ltd. in the year 2008 and has continuously shown involvement in Process Automation Initiatives For Tobacco Drying, Storage, Collection Etc. Miraj Engineering Ltd. The Group is doing the fabrication of Various Machines such as Vibrator for Tobacco Grading, Conveyor System & Storage Trollies for Tobacco, Tractor Trollies, Gates & Grills, taking care of miscellaneous Maintenance tasks of Fabrication on daily basis for all establishments of Miraj Group.

Our Engineering team is ready for on Demand prompt Maintenance related to Mechanical, Machining, Carpentering, Painting, Plumbing, etc. for all establishments of the entire Miraj Group.

First Time In India

Miraj Roti Master

Coming soon in your kitchen

To avoid irregular heating.

To provide hygienically made Rotis.

For enjoying eating with the complete family together

A machine that cooks at a speed of 1 chapati/minute.

Engineering Products Summary

Conveyor System | Vibrator | Toast Making Machines | Chapati Machine