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Nation is a community, nation is a family, and nation is our motherland, where we are born. It is a place where we dwell and live our life. India, is not only a country but a land, a region, a destination and moreover a place of colors, culture, language and vivid varieties of people. Our country is next to our mother who nourishes us and looks after our comforts and wellbeing of our life. Humanity and loyalty should be the principle of every human living in this nation. As a true, devoted, secular and moreover a patriotic Indian, I would like to contribute anything that I could to my country, my birth nation India. SHIVA STATUE

Shiva Statue


Shiva Murti

The world's largest statue of Lord Shiva is being made exclusively by Miraj Group. The foundation stone was laid by Pujya Murari Bapu in presence of the Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot in Ganesh Tekri area of the Nathdwara, on 18th August 2012. The statue will be a staggering 351 feet long, which is like a 35-story building. The construction of the giant figure is backed by Miraj Group.

Unlike other statues of Lord Shiva, this one aims to be quite different from the rest. Here, Lord Shiva won’t be holding the Trishul nor will he be in the position of blessing, but he will be seen in a more pleasing appearance. The statue will be made from concrete and cement which will take nearly three years to complete. The work will be done by Naresh Kumar and his team of sculpture artists from Gurgaon. The land allocation work has already been completed by the Rajasthan Government.

“I am feeling happy to see the dream coming true and this 351 ft. statue will be dedicated to the world. I am inspired to take this initiative because of love and trust I have received from the society, to whom I am always thankful”


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