CSR Charity


Santkripa Sanathan Sanstan, a Charitable Trust was opened in the year 2001 with a vision to protect cows. The trust has its own Goshala (Cow Farm), where around 1200 cows are being taken care. Trust has its own medical setup for different vaccinations and medical checkups on a regular basis to keep them healthy and fit. Ayurvedic medicines are also regularly used. A detailed report is prepared on a regular basis in order to ensure that necessary medical treatment is been given on the prescribed schedules.

Milking record and a Service record of all Cows is also maintained in order to ensure timely Weaning off and conception. Our Goshala runs on a non-profit basis.


Each relationship, all our actions and every passing thought must adhere to and be anchored in the highest principles. Neither are they confined to any particular religion, nor are they attached to a specific time or place. They are as universal as the presence of God and as vital as air. . The three words - Truth, Love, and Compassion - are the soul of Ram katha, the vital ingredients of man, of life and of civilization. These are the only three words that capture the essence of Morari Bapu and what he stands for - Satya, Prem and Karuna.

With a view to keep God alive in the soul of the society, Miraj group has always kept itself active in the field of religious vicinity by continuously organizing Ram Katha’s at various locations:-